Driven by the desire to spread awareness and catalyze action to reduce and reverse landscape degradation through landscape restoration, the Greener.Land tool was born. This open-source, free resource aims to provide education, resources, and access to inspiring projects and stories on landscape restoration. The mission of GreenerLand is to provide you with a tool that helps you choose the most suitable method for restoring your landscape whilst contributing to enhancing biodiversity, livelihoods, and resiliency to climate change.


The vision of Greener.Land is simple: we want to create a greener world where information on landscape restoration is accessible to all and everyone can be empowered to play an active role in bringing life back to their lands.

About the tool

Greener.LAND offers you an overview of interventions to restore your landscape according to the specific land use and environmental conditions of your area. Using filters such as aridity, land slope, and budget , you can identify suitable interventions for within your own landscape that can help to revitalize the health of your lands, soils, and local ecosystems.