Landscape restoration has been recently put on the spotlight because degraded lands threaten biodiversity, livelihoods, economic growth, and climate change resilience.

In fact, landscape degradation reduces the ability of an ecosystem to provide services. By restoring lands, ecosystems can again play their important ecological functions.

Landscape restoration goes much further than planting trees but it embraces a large variety of interventions aiming to restore the whole landscape in order to enable it to provide different services and land uses for current and future generations.

Driven by the desire of speaking out about the topic of landscape restoration, we designed this online tool to provide the possibility to learn about this up-and-coming topic and its importance for re-establishing ecosystem functions. But Greener.LAND also, and especially, serves a practical aim: it helps you choose the most suitable restoring measure for your landscape.

Greener.LAND offers you an overview of interventions to restore your landscape according to your specific use of land and the environmental conditions of your area. Filters let you choose the environmental characteristic of your landscape and narrow down the results.

In order to improve the practicality of Greeener.LAND and make it suitable to be used by landscape practitioners, the description of the interventions is detailed enough to provide you with a technical insight of the contents. Moreover, pictures and videos will help you to have a better and more visual understanding of the interventions.