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Greener.LAND is an initiative of Nature^Squared, Justdiggit, and SamSamWater. Together we believe landscape restoration poses a great opportunity to restore our planet and livelihoods. By providing easy-to-understand information on the low-tech and low-cost landscape interventions available, and how they are suited to different landscapes, we hope to inspire and catalyze landscape restoration all over the world.


Nature^Squared is a project office connecting ecology and economics. Together with farmers, companies, governments, universities, and NGOs, we work on creating a better planet for both humankind and nature. We are driven and pragmatic in our work towards realizing a planet Earth which has clean water, clean air, a stable climate, healthy soil and, especially, a high level of biodiversity. Find out more about us at:



Justdiggit makes dry land green again by inspiring and activating farmers, positively impacting climate change, nature, and people. Degraded landscapes are restored by combining traditional techniques with new technology and a strong communication approach. Find out more about Justdiggit’s work here:



SamSamWater Foundation aims to increase the number of people in developing countries with sustainable and reliable access to water and sanitation. We support water and sanitation projects with information, technical advice, and tools: