The technique named fencing consists in enclosing an area to protect it from human use and animal intrusion. The main goal of building fences is to allow natural rehabilitation of degraded lands. This intervention aims to foster the establishment of natural regeneration, restore organic matter and soil structure. Fencing can also be  used in order to change the land cover to give time for new land cover to establish. Fencing can be applied to different landscapes and environmental conditions. This technology represents a relatively cheap intervention if the material is available on site.


Fences can be made of different materials like wood, shrubs (so called live fences), rocks, etc. depending on what is available and required on site. Depending on the financial availability, fences can also be made of electrical lines interposed by poles. Fences can be installed by farmers by using their own knowledge of the territory and they can be of different shapes. Their height is determined with respect to which disturbance they are meant to avoid.

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